ACT and Fear

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Q:  How can I deal with my fearful feelings better?

A:  Explore them, breathe into them!


Fear is generally acknowledged to be an unpleasant emotion.  Dry throat, churning stomach, sweaty palms, pounding heart etc.  And yet, these are the same sensations that we experience when we are excited.  It’s just that fear gets a bad press whilst excitement, on the whole, doesn’t.

Excitement is usually associated with something positive, fear is not.  When we are afraid it is because we are putting our own negative interpretation on an event, a future event, because fear is usually future based.  When we are excited we are generally putting a positive spin on things.

ACT encourages us to become willing to accept our internal experiences, our thoughts and feelings, in a spirit of openness and curiosity.  Rather than struggling to get rid of feelings we don’t like ACT suggests that we get to know them, where these feelings locate in our body, their size, their texture.  When we adopt this approach we are less likely to be overwhelmed by them.

Given that the body’s reaction to fear and excitement is pretty much the same, this might help us to be less judgemental, become less frightened of our fear.

I wrote “FEAR” to remind me of that.


  • How do you react to your fearful feelings?
  • Are you willing to become less hostile to them, maybe explore them a little?
  • What can you share that might be of help to others?

Please leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.







Oh, how we’d love to banish it, this fear that haunts us so,

Love to kick it from its hiding place, before it starts to grow,

Or to give it scant attention, should it dare to raise its head,

But it’s likely when it does so we’re consumed by it instead.

Oh, we wish that it were other, that we had the power to choose

Which sweet feelings we would cling to, and which ones we would refuse,

But our feelings are not like that, they won’t to our bidding bend,

They just spring up automatically, they’re neither foe nor friend.

And if we would learn to treat them in a different sort of way,

Become willing to receive whatever ‘tis we feel today

In a spirit of acceptance, “Here comes wonder, here comes fear,”

Then we won’t put up a struggle against what’s already here.

And then whatever we are feeling is allowed sufficient space

To achieve its true proportions, to take up its rightful place,

Not as some crass interloper who has no right to occur,

But as just another feeling, it’s just one we don’t prefer.

But it’s one we’ll welcome anyway, it’s here now after all,

And so, it’s only common courtesy when feelings come to call

To acknowledge them politely, maybe call them by their name,

“Hello fear, I may not like you, but you’re welcome all the same.”

And then when we’re not resisting, we may find to our surprise

That whatever we are feeling is somehow cut back to size,

And we can go about our business, invite fear to come along,

For when we’re finished with resisting it, then fear can make us strong.

© Corinne Shields, 2017

If you enjoyed, “FEAR” please pass it on, and do leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.

And just before you go …..

A final word from ACT …..

Two acronyms that are often used in ACT are FEAR, and its antidote ACT.

The FEAR acronym summarises core problems as stemming from:

  • Fusion with your thoughts
  • Evaluation of experience
  • Avoidance of your experience
  • Reason-giving for your behaviour

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy proposes its own acronym for how to deal with FEAR, ACT:

  • Accept your reactions and be present
  • Choose a valued direction
  • Take action

There is a very interesting article at entitled:

“ACT Challenges the “Healthy Normality” Assumption,” which goes into more detail about how ACT can combat FEAR.  You might like to head over and check it out.

ACTivation Point!

SO ……………………….


How about YOU?

What can YOU do just for today to ACTivate your life?

 Just for today I will ………………………

If you have read this far, please do leave your comments. How is ACT helping you?

I am a student of ACT.  I am on a journey.  I would love you to join me.

With all good wishes


Published by

Corinne Shields

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, erstwhile teacher for thirty plus years, and permanent student. I have long been interested in psychology and spirituality and enjoy writing inspirational poetry. Hence the publication of this blog at ACT Made I play golf badly, piano a little better and I love reading, writing, and all things French. I divide my time between Wales and France and enjoy travelling with my husband, Len and my dog Charlie.

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    1. So glad you enjoyed it. I hope you find it useful with your groups. I haven’t blogged for a while, taking some time out, but funnily enough am planning to start posting again so your comment was really timely! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Always love to connect.


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