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Q:  How can I cope with my mood swings?

A:  Give them space to come and go and choose a valued action.

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Mood swings are part of the human condition.  If we are fortunate then we will be blessed with proportionately more “good” moods than “bad” moods, but we can’t count on it!  Moods have a mind of their own!

Of course we would prefer to feel happy rather than sad, up-beat rather than down-beat, optimistic rather than pessimistic?  It’s a no-brainer isn’t it?  And yet the chances are that we will feel all of these moods, “good” and “bad” pretty frequently.  And what is more, it is equally likely that we won’t get to choose them.  They will just appear, seemingly out of the blue, alarmingly at the most inappropriate times.  Remember moods have a mind of their own!

ACT reminds us though that moods are fleeting, both “good” and “bad”, they are only passing through.  Sadly, we can’t hang on to the “good” moods; happily, the “bad” moods won’t last either.  When we remember this it makes it easier to accept our moods, give them space to come and go, and choose a valued action. We can’t do much about our moods but we can do a lot about taking an action that will enrich our lives.  We don’t need to wait “to be in the mood” either.  We can just get on with it.

I wrote “MOOD SWINGS” to remind me of that.


  • How do you cope with your mood swings?
  • Are you able to view them as transitory, only passing through, and choose a valued action?
  • What can you share that might be of help to others?

Please leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.






Sometimes we’re full of gusto, overflow with energy,

And sometimes we are depleted, think, “What’s happening to me?

Yesterday the world was sparkling and I was sparkling too,

But now the sparkle’s disappeared so what am I to do?”

Well of course we could explore it, that’s a cunning sort of plan,

‘Stead of trying to resist it we could do a body scan,

Watch the heaviness pervading, feel the aching in our bones,

Listen to what our Mind is saying in accusatory tones.

For it’s a fact that our mood changes, no two days are quite the same,

So to try to tie a mood down is at best a loser’s game,

But if we are willing to live with it and to simply give it space,

Go about our daily business, it will shift at its own pace.

And we won’t have made it master, we will not have crowned it king,

We’ll have proven to ourselves that we can live with a mood swing,

We can select a valued action, never mind we’re feeling flat,

Because a mood is only fleeting and there’s more to us than that.

© Corinne Shields, 2016

If you enjoyed, “MOOD SWINGS” please pass it on, and do leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.

And just before you go …..

A final word from ACT …..

Mood swings vary in their intensity.   Bipolar disorder, also known as Manic Depressive Illness, is characterised by severe mood swings from intense, manic ‘highs’, to depressive ‘lows’.  Hypomania is typically milder but both can have a devastating impact on people’s lives.  Even at the less extreme end of the scale normal mood swings can affect our lives adversely.

Managing mood swings more effectively is bound to be beneficial.  There is an interesting article at The Academy of Cognitive Therapy that you might want to check out.  If mood swings are creating problems in your life head over and give it a read.

ACTivation Point!

SO ……………………….

How about YOU?

What can YOU do just for today to ACTivate your life?

 Just for today I will ………………………

If you have read this far, please do leave your comments. How is ACT helping you?

I am a student of ACT.  I am on a journey.  I would love you to join me.

With all good wishes


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Corinne Shields

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, erstwhile teacher for thirty plus years, and permanent student. I have long been interested in psychology and spirituality and enjoy writing inspirational poetry. Hence the publication of this blog at ACT Made I play golf badly, piano a little better and I love reading, writing, and all things French. I divide my time between Wales and France and enjoy travelling with my husband, Len and my dog Charlie.

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