ACT and Success and Failure

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Q:  How should I deal with success and failure?

A:  Treat those two imposters just the same.

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As human beings we love it when things go well and we love it less when things go badly.  Of course we do, we are human.  This is a perfectly natural human reaction.

Having said that, we do not always know if our judgements of what is good or bad are that sound.  The benefits of success may seem resoundingly clear, the benefits of failure less so.  Success is lovely but it brings with it its own problems, and we know that out of failure can come great lessons, great opportunities for growth.

One of my favourite poems is Rudyard Kipling’s “If”.  It is no accident that it is one of the nation’s favourite poems too.   It speaks to something in all of us. If you don’t know it I urge you to read it, if you do know it, read it again!

Kipling talks to us of success and failure and reminds us to:

“Treat those two imposters just the same”

Wise words.  I wrote “SUCCESS AND FAILURE” to remind me of that.


  • How do you treat success and failure?
  • Are you able to treat them even-handedly?
  • What can you share that might be of help to others?

Please leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.






I love that line in poetry, reminding us that we

Should regard success and failure as imposters mutually,

For though one may come to visit, we’d do well to not ignore

That the other’s in the shadows and may soon knock at our door.

It’s a truism alarming, life’s a challenge for us all,

And so sometimes we will be walking tall and sometimes we will fall,

And the mark of our maturity’s not just found in success,

For our steeliness is tempered in the depths of our distress.

And so let’s not pull up the drawbridge, cower behind the barricade,

Let’s remember men of fortitude aren’t born that way, they’re made,

And out of trial and tribulation there’s a prize that can be won

If we listen to the poet, “You will be a man my son.”

And so let’s not rush quick to judgement as to what is good or bad,

Nor else be too attached to happiness, too frightened to be sad,

For in the flow of our emotions, if we dare to look around,

We’ll see in both success and failure there is treasure to be found.

© Corinne Shields, 2016

If you enjoyed, “SUCCESS AND FAILURE” please pass it on, and do leave your comments.  I would love to hear from you.

And just before you go …..

A final word from ACT …..

On this occasion I am going to leave the final word to Rudyard Kipling!

I have drawn heavily on his inspirational poem, “If” in this post and so I will leave by quoting it in its entirety.  Enjoy!

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ACTivation Point!

SO ……………………….

How about YOU?

What can YOU do just for today to ACTivate your life?

 Just for today I will ………………………

If you have read this far, please do leave your comments. How is ACT helping you?

I am a student of ACT.  I am on a journey.  I would love you to join me.

With all good wishes


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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, erstwhile teacher for thirty plus years, and permanent student. I have long been interested in psychology and spirituality and enjoy writing inspirational poetry. Hence the publication of this blog at ACT Made I play golf badly, piano a little better and I love reading, writing, and all things French. I divide my time between Wales and France and enjoy travelling with my husband, Len and my dog Charlie.

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